The Kingdom of Man is ruled by a council of elders comprised of representatives from every major settlement and nomadic group. Overseeing the council, the Keeper of the First Law is elected from within the council and serves for a five-year term. Keepers are rarely re-elected and the resulting lack of institutional memory leads other nations to see Rahadoum as somewhat fickle, often waiting out the terms of a Keeper they find difficult to deal with.

The current Keeper, Malduoni is an exception to this, as he is currently serving his second term of office.

The seat of government is Azir, the nation’s largest city. The rulers and citizens of Rahadoum continue to follow the Laws of Man, written by Kalim Onaku in 2555 AR, which strictly prohibit religion of any kind within the borders of the land. The government’s primary military and peacekeeping force, especially with respect to the quelling of religious cults, speech and paraphernalia, is the Pure Legion.

Relations are poor with neighbouring Thuvia, due to that country’s large number of worshippers of Sarenrae (arguably the religion responsible for causing the Oath Wars). Relations with Osirion might be expected to be strained for the same reason, but in fact both nations see the benefits of being good neighbours to one another, and pragmatism has won out over religious differences.

To the south, Rahadoum has little interest in the wilds of the Mwangi Expanse, and its shipping suffers at the hands of Shackles pirates.

The country’s other neighbours—the hurricane-blasted Sodden Lands, devil-dominated Cheliax and the religious assassins of Mediogalti Island—are seen as a vindication of Rahadoum’s decision to ban religion. However, in recent years the current administration has been improving trade relations with the Chelish Empire.

The current council is comprised of the following:

Keeper Malduoni, representative of Azir
Councilor Ruba, representative of the Busija
Councilor Akino, representative of Botosani
Councilor Kito, representative of Haldun
Councilor Kahina, representative of the Jadavai
Councilor Esheka, representative of Manaket
Councilor Dewana, representative of Shepard’s Rock
Councilor Omari, representative of the Shinjani

An empty seat is left for Khari, which had a councilor until its current Chelish occupation

All smaller clans and communities are officially represented by the nearest larger community, and have the opportunity to participate in their elections.


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