The region now known as Rahadoum was the site of the first human kingdom to establish itself after the devastation of Earthfall. The Jistka Imperium was formed in -4120 AR and soon came to dominate northern Garund and even some neighbouring areas of Avistan.

Eventually the Imperium was defeated by the forces of ancient Osirion and their desert nomad allies of the Tekritanin League, and the land gradually came under the sway of Osirion.

Ancient Osirion itself eventually went into decline, and the region split into a number of different city states. These states came to revere Nethys and Norgorber.

During the third millennium of the Age of Enthronement the faith of Sarenrae began to spread across northern Garund. When it arrived in this north western corner it came into conflict with the two previously established religions. The result was the Oath Wars, a long and bloody religious conflict that inflicted untold devastation on the region

Then, in 2555 AR, the folk of Azir put an end to the religious conflict in their city by the simple expedient of burning down all the temples and banishing all clerics from their territory. A new philosophy was introduced to replace religion; it came to be known as the Laws of Man. The Laws of Man spread quickly across the region. The other city states likewise abolished religion, swore to uphold the new Laws, and were welcomed into what became the nation of Rahadoum.

Since then, all forms of religion remain banned in Rahadoum. This has brought peace from religious conflict, but a number of problems over the centuries has led to dark mutterings that the gods are punishing the people of Rahadoum for their impiety. Plague has broken out in Azir and Botosani three times in the last five hundred years, and the desert is threatening to devour the once lush city of Manaket.

The country’s borders have remained stable ever since, apart from the loss of the northern province of Kharijite to Cheliax during the Everwar.


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