The Nomads

The Garundi are renowned as a friendly and helpful people whose culture is based around small, familial clans that generally consist of 15-20 families. These clans form the basic unit of Garundi society, unlike other cultures which tend to be built around the family.

Hierarchies within a clan are quite complex and rarely understood completely by outsiders. There is also a complex hierarchy amongst different clans that inhabit the same area. There are old customs cover how clans treat each other when they meet. Due to the migratory nature of the Garundi people, this is quite a common occurrence. Any clan entering another clan’s area is treated as an honored guest for the first month of their stay. After that the new clan must either move on or pay heavy tribute to the dominant clan of the area. If the new clan can continue paying this tribute for an entire year, they are accepted into the community at the lowest social level.

Because clans new to a geographic area must always subjugate themselves to any Garundi clans already present, landless clans tend to wander the world, searching for a place of their own. This journey can often take years or even generations, and the clans always carry mementos from anywhere they have temporarily sojourned. These physical reminders often are incorporated into a clan’s tales and artworks.

There are small numbers of non-human races who over the years have joined Garundi clans, either as individuals or as family lines. The Garundi are known to be pragmatic, and generally more likely to judge by merit than bloodline. Those families who have joined a clan are considered Garundi, regardless of race.

There are currently three main clans claiming territory in Rahadoum:


The Nomads

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